2023 Ko2m Challenge Coins - SHIPPING INCLUDED

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(if you would like more than 5 coins, add a separate product to the cart, and complete the page as you have for the first 5)

2023 Ko2m Challenge Coins - the coins will be exactly like last year's coins, but with 2023 at the top instead of 2022.

$8/COIN or 3 for $20, plus $5 Shipping (IN THE US); You will be charged $5 shipping ($13 total) for your first coin, and then shipping will not be added for your next 4 coins. If you are looking to order more than 5; the system will charge you an additional $5 for shipping the next 5, but if it costs less, we will HAPPILY refund the difference!

Since we will not be on site this year, we will have to facilitate coins through our website. 

As in years past, your coins for cleaning a plate (3 for 3) and 2 mile impacts are on us, please do not include them in your order, just add that you earned ___ in the notes section and we will ship them with your order (please note, we will not ship "earned coins" without an existing order placed - we wish we could, but the shipping costs prohibit this).

Only Ko2m confirmed hits (by official hit sheet) will be produced for this event (ie: we won't make you a coin for a hit/accolade you didn't have).