Maple & Walnut Drunken Board

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Are you stumbling? No, it's alright, its just our latest Maple and Walnut "Drunken Cutting Board." These boards definitely take a longer time to make than some of the other boards that we create, but these might be the most fun! You just don't see wood paired together with other woods that aren't in straight lines! These boards are never created the same since each curve is unique in every one of the Drunken style boards we make. These are truly "One of a Kind." These boards come in measuring 16.5"x11.25" in size! Yes, they are beautiful boards and they are made TO BE CUT ON! These are super dense woods and you are NOT going to hurt them! The common thing that we like to tell people that don't plan on cutting on the boards is that you can still display one side and cut on the other! The board wants to be used!