Ready to Ship Pelican Vault V200 (Loaded under 3.85")

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Ready to Ship Collection: This means this case is ready to go and will ship out at the next shipping date (normally once a week). This collection does not have any of the bells and whistles (ie: exterior/interior engravings, foam lid designs, cool customization options, and only has limited inner hard plate designs).

If you are looking for higher round counts, or more customization options, check out our DNA Custom Edition or Full Custom Collections

This case can accommodate 50 or 100 long action rounds of .473, .540, .585 bolt face (cheat sheet for identifying bolt face is listed below) ammunition with, or without, an inner hard cover plate, as long as the loaded length is at/under 3.85."

The inner hard cover plate is primarily aesthetic, but also adds rigidity and longevity to your ammo case.

These ready to ship cases have the insert adhered into the bottom of the case for a dependable and secure fit, no matter the travel or occasion.

  • Crushproof, dustproof, and weather resistant
  • Heavy duty handles are ergonomic and will stand up in even the toughest conditions
  • High-impact polymer assures protection of your equipment, via road, trail or air
  • Five layers of protective foam
  • Two push button latches offer secure closure with easy-open access
  • Interior (L×W×D): 14.00 x 10.00 x 5.50 in / (35.6 x 25.4 x 14 cm)
  • Exterior (L×W×D): 15.41 x 13.08 x 6.16 in / (39.1 x 33.2 x 15.6 cm)
  • Lid Depth: 1.57" (4 cm), Bottom Depth: 3.93", Total Depth: 5.5" (14 cm)
  • Padlock Hole Diameter: 5/16" (8 mm)
  • Weight Empty: 4.88lbs (2.2kg), Weight with Foam: 5.05lbs (2.3kg)

Caliber/Bolt Face Examples/Cheat Sheet:

Long Action Caliber by bolt face