Replacement Storage Lid - FX120i

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Replacement lid options for FX-120i V3.

Fits with or without walls, and with trickler on any side.

Options are also available for accent colors, and matching lids for the trickler and hopper.

The lid with storage options features slots on both sides for the 100g calibration weight, 4 -1" circular storage spaces (easily fits most funnels, dies, etc) and the ring beneath the thrower has optional screws - so whether you would like to be able to lift the auto-thrower off of the surface while leaving the lid intact, single screw for minor adjusting, or have it fastened on both sides for zero movement, you're covered. The lid also features a small hole for an allen key/other small adjusting accessory that always walks off. 

Also available with the same primary features, without the funnel/die storage. 

The front of the lid swoops in for easier access to the powder cup, and is lifted to allow the cup to slide in flat (no need to tilt), without being blocked.

We have never had any static issues; however, we have gotten one report of someone having static buildup - them wiping their lid down with static guard and it working perfectly. We do use a static guard, prior to mailing you your product, but static can build in transit due to shipping procedures and we just want to disclose that most lids CAN build static, and your typical anti static spray wipe down will resolve this issue.